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Sueing or Paying Telefonica Germany - Legal Protection in Germany

Dear Telefonica Germany Victim,

Hi, my name is Rainer Wiesehahn. I'm a German Lawyer and Internet Marketer. Sorry for my German English. German is my first language and English my fifth language after HTML, PHP and Spanish.

If you live in Germany having annoying problems with Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and BFS risk & collection GmbH I would like to help you with Legal Protection and Blueprints in German of an Objection, Complaint and Lawsuit against Subscription Online Fraud (Abofallen), Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and BFS risk & collection GmbH.

Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and BFS risk & collection GmbH tried to rip me off in June 2011 with a Payment Reminder or Reminder With Fixing a Period of Time they use to call "Titulierungsankündigung". In my Judicial English German Dictionary the German word for "Mahnung" is translated as "reminder, warning, dunning and demand".

Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and BFS risk & collection GmbH threatened me with a lawsuit if I don't pay "142,09 Euro" for "Telecommunication Services in Germany".

Perhaps you or your next of kins also got a similar charming reminder by Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and BFS risk & collection GmbH looking like the example below called Titulierungsankuendigung

Titulierungsankündigung amounting to 142,09 Euro from 20/06/2011

Representing myself as a Lawyer I asked Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG and BFS risk & collection GmbH to confirm me that I'm not obliged to pay that amount of 142,09 Euro and threatened them with a "Negative Feststellungsklage" Lawsuit. Furthermore I lodged a fraud complaint with the Organized Crime Department of the Prosecutor of my city Dortmund.

Unfortunately BFS risk & collection GmbH confirmed that they will not sue me, so my lawyers fees will be lower than with a "Negative Feststellungsklage" Lawsuit.

A successful objection against Abofallen and that Titulierungsankündigung only requires a German letter with 4 sentences. That's all. Subscription Online Scams, called Abofallen in German, are the most dangerous Internet scams in Germany.

Please visit my Website form on

Sueing or Paying the "Titulierungsankündigung"?

This Website form is written in German, English and Spain. There you can ask me for free in English, Spanish and French if your Titulierungsankündigung is a fraud or legally correct and how much will a German Blueprint or a Lawsuit cost.

Internet Scams done by shameless German "Abzock"-Lawyers

Foreign Business Owners, whose Online Biz is based in Germany, may be bothered and sued by honourless German "Abmahn"-Lawyers (hedge lawyers) who abuse legal mistakes on Websites to send the owner a Warning Notice with a high and often wrong bill of his undeserved lawyer's fees. This Warning Notice is called in German Abmahnung mit strafbewährter Unterlassungserklärung. It is a kind of modern Internet Scam or Blackmailing committed by useless lawyers.

However ignoring this Warning Notice could be very expensive for the Website Owner.

Fortunately there are some dirty tricks to avoid a payment and prevent a lawsuit.

Learn more about this on

Abmahnsicherer Webauftritt

If German is not your First Language, you can translate this German Web page for free on translate.google.com.

Speaking German like a German

Doing Online Business in Germany will be easier for you if you can speak and read some German.

You will speak German like a German in only 8 weeks as easy as you learned your Native Language thanks to the

German Language Learning Software called

Rocket German


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