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It's a hypnosis course teaching the power of hypnotic words to influence other people without putting them in trance. You have to decide wether this is ethic or not. It is not inexpensive with $197 USD. But at least you have a money back guarantee.

If you do a research with the search pattern "conversational hypnosis" and "review" or "critics" there are no negative comments to find.

Satisfied Customers: 78 %

Price: $197 USD (Secure Payment)

This guide is written by a woman. The author seems to be doing the job right. Please read the unedited comment of a not amused woman:

" "how in the world could you tell every frickin man in theis world what women want?! you totally betrayed your own female race this way!!..."

The refund rate is very low. About 99 % satisfied customers.

Price: $77 USD (Secure Payment)

Opening and transition strategies for many areas.

Satisfied customers about: 99 %

Price: $40,00 USD (Secure Payment)